Our yearbooks, on solid waste facilities, are the sole source of detailed cost and operating data on U.S. materials recovery, mixed waste processing and municipal waste to energy projects.

GAA’s research reports and technical reference directories make news. They have been cited in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, BioCycle, Resource Recycling and other publications in the fields of environment, alternative energy and solid waste.



GAA maintains current databases on solid waste facilities in the U.S. Clients can order these databases in various formats, focusing on region of the country, type and size of project , type of equipment in the plant.

These databases can support client needs to understand the costs and benefits associated with various facilities as well as the state of the U.S. markets with respect to recycling and waste to energy alternatives.



More specifically databases can be used to:
— Assess types of equipment in place at various projects
— Assess future plans of facility
— Examine capital costs by size of project
— Review operating contracts, expiration dates, renewal policies
— Obtain up-to-date facility contacts with addresses and phone numbers
— Evaluate impacts of facility locations