Governmental Advisory Associates, Inc. assists public and private sector organizations and provides consulting in the following areas:

Environmental industry market research and analysis
Legal, regulatory and institutional assessments
Public and private sector strategic planning
Stakeholder analysis
Evaluation of environmental management alternatives

Management audit and cost analysis of public services
Design and evaluation of bid specifications for environmental facilities
Review of project finance options
Interview protocol, survey design and field implementation

Selected Public Sector Clients, City of New York, New York, NY.:

The company has examined the effectiveness of various organizational and financial arrangements for recycling, parks management, police and fire services for various local governments.

In addition, the company has evaluated recycling market development, examined state regulatory issues that encourage or inhibit recycling and other solid waste programs, and reviewed various contracts, bid specifications, and regulations recommending changes to better ensure the desired policy outcome. Market research and strategic management reviews focusing on the environmental sector, including water, recycling, waste-to-energy have been conducted for both public and private sector clients.

Selected Public Sector Clients:
The Metropolitan District, Hartford, CT
Tompkins County, NY, City of Newark, NJ
Township of East Brunswick, NJ
Portland METRO, OR, City of Stamford, CT
City of Norwalk, CT
United States Department of Energy, USA

Selected Private Sector Clients:
Waste Management, Inc.
MSS, Inc.
The Aluminum Association
Wise Recycling Inc.
Weyerhauser Inc.,
Waste Management, Inc.
Duke Energy